Love at first sight: a myth or a reality?

Love at first sight … This is the great attraction felt by a person at first sight, the flash of love that makes us loose the control of ourselves.

Leslie, a woman of 35 years old, is one of those women who have felt this feeling. She said that when she saw him, she has completely turns red and her heart has beaten very fast. She tells us her experience:

“My body began to shiver, I couldn’t move for more than 5 minutes and everything around me became dark. I couldn’t take my eyes out of his face “. These are the words she uses to describe her emotions. To the question: do you think he felt the same feeling as yours, she timidly responds, with nostalgia:

“I felt such a sensation and I didn’t care about his fellings for me. I wanted to be calm and to breathe normally, even though it seemed impossible at this moment (…). It’s true that I really wished he felt the same feelings as mine. I dreamed about being in his arms and kissing him tenderly…”

Leslie felt a sensation of well-being. She told us she has also a fear. A fear of what? She didn’t know how to describe it…

Love can surprise us. Love at first sight is not a myth, it exists, but it depends on circumstances.