Belief thunderbolt or not?

After several failures sentimental level, Marine 24 years, never gave up, because she said he was not made for the person opposite, that these people did not even merit the rights watch in the eye. When so much of himself is given to start a new life with each new relationship, you feel all excited by the hope of a romance that is now different than other previous ones.

“I’ve never had this thunderbolt, I do not know if we can talk to her now, because everything beautiful in the beginning and again afterwards. When you’re a couple, the main feeling one can give is love and you are supposed to receive in return.

I do not know what the future holds for me, being a believer, I commit myself to my fate, to God.Bien that patience pays the expensive price, I would still strong in this fight knowing I tell myself that everything the world has a right to happiness in life. Although this is not the right term that can described its thunderbolt, deep down I know that the immanent light will be waiting for you at one time or another. “