I had a crush

This is the debate that we now ask in a small survey in the company of Nelly, 30, administrative secretary.

So Nelly, in a few words, describe your love life at the moment?

“So in a nutshell, I would say not bad, I advance slowly in my relationship enjoying every moment of these happy moments with my companion. ”

Tell me something, how was your first meeting.

“It was a Saturday, as a day when I’m not working, I hesitated to ask me to stay home watching TV watching a good movie on demand or why not go into town, make a small turn to take the air.I am finally decided to the city.To arrive there, I headed to my favorite store, this is where I like to splurge on clothes, I go, I some shopping and then go away, it’s at that moment that I’m about to pass the threshold of the door, a warm hand grabbed my wrist, I turn around and see it, in withering look, her pretty blue eyes … “(a small smile on his lips, his eyes fixed on the ground, we will resume with another question)

I feel that was was a magical moment for you if can I say, tell us later.

(After a mysterious little laugh, she resumes). “After this exchange in his eyes, he smiled and told me that I had forgotten my receipt, I smiled sheepishly, saying thank you and goodbye .But you know by leaving I had a kind of pinching in heart, it was very strange, it was at that moment when I got home that my instinct was merged by the simple reason that behind the ticket that I had not paid attention attracted me to him for the look is folded in four and there in the brochure I saw a tracking phone number “Eric”. ”

So you victim of lightning strike so I can afford?

“Yes, exactly, I was a victim of its gaze, his person, I knew it was well produced something at this point, the evidence, I followed my instinct for the city while I was hesitant, suddenly brought me back to his encounter and live this, ie the visual communication, written and real thereafter. “