Instead of at your age thunderbolt

The purpose of human life is happiness, it is the activity conforms to the vertu.Et hooked throughout its where is there room?

Anais, a teenager of 18, talks about his love affair with his companion of 28 years: “I was only 16 when we’ve met, it’s true that I was not important to this but time was was the person who was able to give me that feeling of happiness, at that age, it is the discovery of the first flirtations etc. but I knew that the love of a man over age, I would have makes it grow faster, for one day I saw my good tale of love the big day.The thunderbolt was at the appointment earlier than expected. ”

Mayra young housewife of 26 years, says she believed in love at first sight for a while, but she knew it was short-lived when her former boyfriend has left him for another.

Jessica, 36, still waiting for the thunderbolt in his single life, touches her heart.She think it is never late and there is no age to feel this way she hear “indescribable”.

Erika, 23, who shares his relationship with a younger man for a year and a half, says she has not had this thunderbolt at the moment because she could not imagine that a day she would be in a relationship like her, suddenly it’s over time it has seen in several appointments that the spark took hold.