Love at first sight, to a distant destiny?

Love at first sight is not necessarily evidence of an experience but may well come from the mind of a pure concept around communication, appears as a question mark.
When I ask people around me, I realize that some are turning to reflection. “It is written in destiny, I let my life between its hands” or “Love at first sight is just passing through, this is the first click of our existence”.
Whether people believe it or not the spark that leads to a fate like this or futur.

Each a vision and belief of situation.Le thunderbolt, is not required at first glance exchanged ” When I saw him, I felt that feeling but even with this good deal, I was missing that little something extra, yet he was ranked among my men criteria, the one all the girls could dream, but I felt that I was not full for it … “is what Adele told me any remaining clear and smiling, adding later that she had met a person who -ci this time, was not having with his type of man, made him feel a sense it does not explain, but it touched in the heart, or even a kind of lightning strike, if it can say.
Without forming any judgment on purpose, I think this has been noted as an irreversible aspect, or even in the secret of a heart, this is the first phase of a relationship and transmission of the document.