Questions / answers source of love and thunderbolts

After reading this short survey with Elodie, 25, a young law student, you will better understand the personality and free choice on the faculty by the thought of love and its trade.

Have you experienced several relationships in your love life?

“No, in my life, I have never known what really means a real serious relationship until now in his twenties, this fact that I have not known many boys, but not much that I met ,it’s gave me an idea about life in love. ”

How you call these short-term relationships, so can I say?

“I would describe the love affairs, flirtations, it was relationships passing.Same if I thought that on reaching almost to go beyond a year, his is never a relationship that can qualify serious for many small details. ”

You say that your relationships are classified as “love affairs”, but at least you have been in love?

“In love, for me it is a big word, indeed every relationship is different which is quite normal, everyone’s different but unique on this earth so that I can say maybe it was not history as fairy tales, his would have been too good to be true, but what is certain is that I was a whole person in my feelings anyway. ”

Do you believe in love at first sight?

So if I believe in love at first sight, yes for me will remain its something mysterious and indescribable, which itself will experience this feeling, I think this is a once in a lifetime or we can know her, although it may be another but never the same as the first that we have had.

To my first question, you answered me that you have never had a “real relationship until today”

(Smiles) Yes, as I told you before, I have only known passages relations, it was at the time of adolescence in high school, and the majority (18 years) Today I am 25 and for the first time I knew that serious relationship meant, as it did two and a half years that I share my life with the one I love.

What was the main key to the true relationship?

It is precisely the thunderbolt that changed the meaning of “real relationship”, I can say that I really love, that’s why I told you I believed in this.I can tell you that it’s something magical, proof this is where I am today.

Love and love at first sight, what can you recommend to our readers on this subject by the final conclusion?

Although I did not fully detailed and developed my words, what I can say is to believe that sooner or later we can find someone to share his life, whether sooner or later but even as they say ‘better late than never. ” Everyone has his destiny in the field of love and especially patience always paid.