The commitment of the thunderbolt

The dream of life is love, we must listen to his dream and even though the soul is in pain, we must believe it anyway.
Love at first sight is a precision which is perhaps superfluous but strictly true.
“It’s a feeling that nobody can forbid me to dream, and I can -be hope that one day this dream will become a reality”, says Anna 19, an art student, is carried away in his imagination wildest when it comes to love, every young believer in the spiritual power of curiosity, she would want to know that destiny there.
Emma, ​​38, talks about the lightning strike as a fact that is as real, an event that is made to a destiny, it adds that if the question is a starting point, it does not consider it as a culmination later .
Camille, 25, believes that this exchange of signs between individuals is simultaneously love and hostile. It is a phase of inattendue.Elle act imagines is like a decision within state. “I think in this story there is a specific purpose.”
Everyone still agree that there are proposals so clear and obvious oneself.Everyone thought.
This thunderbolt commitment is not hidden, it reveals it.