Elise, Elisa, love and love

Twin sisters 30 years, we tell their stories of love.

Elise, Elisa, tell us each of your lives .And your sentimental relationships between sisters.

Elise: “My love life is the top, albeit with my partner with my family and especially the person I share his sister Elisa, my best friend, my all.I can give good of the big love with my husband and with her. ”

Elisa: “I share the same feeling of my sister, I am also in a relationship with John, everything is going well so far, 14 years of happiness, even if most of the time, Elise and find me, we who can not do without one of other.What to ask for more when we have someone you love, who loves us still being understandable. ”

Tell us, have you ever experienced love at first sight each?

Elise: “Yes love at first sight I knew not just once but twice, to high school with my first love and my husband Benoît for 13 years. ”

Elisa: “For me, the thunderbolt, was in first place with John, I’ve had boyfriends, but with it all was thunderstruck in the path of my past romances! ”

What can you say to people who do not believe in love at first sight?

Elise: “What I can say, believe in the love simply open your hearts. “Because once we have taken this step, this is where everything is wonderful. ”

Elisa: “I say that love is love at first sight, although we can know relations etc, the true final elected to our heart may be connected to his. “