Friendship sacred

Lea, 25, tells us her friendship love story.

The day started, I was about to leave for a holiday in soleil.Ce morning, I remember I had this feeling of happiness, the joy in my heart, I was not sure why, moreover, can -be it was the excitement of knowing that the beach, rest … waiting for me.

I passed this little detail, I was eager to leave the house with my business and found my best friend Sam, a boy who was always there for me for almost 8 years. Indeed, this is a very exceptional for me, simply because I fell in love with him over time, but he did not know until then what would produire.Arriver airport I wait outside, I look Sam, after a few seconds a message to me saying, “I would be late by five minutes, but I can worry. “Followed by a small smiley smiling.

After the wait, another message from him: “Turn around. “I turn around and there seeing this big bear wearing a t-shirt hawai heart and a hand coming up to me, and Sam smiling at me from a distance, at that time, I did have what to think, my heart started pounding, I watched all started with that smile that I always felt towards him, the secret love that was in me, face to face it myself says everything nicely and a little gen “Leah, this is a gift to mark our first vacation on the horizon …” Indeed, it was the first time we’ve known that we decided to go far in addition all two, “I hope her please, I also wanted to tell you as it is a special day for us, as you know very well that this is our first and long journey together, you are someone very special and the fact to tell you what I have on the heart before our flight, is important to me as I waited for this moment to make you my statement, I always te loved Leah, will you be my girlfriend? ”

At that moment, everything became wonderful, everything I always waited for had finally arrived, my Sam, the one I loved and that I learn that it was mutual, what a feeling of happiness, “Sat” a simple answer, but it meant everything.

It was gone for a great vacation and I thought that the Thunderbolt in beautiful and well attended ever since.