Illusion, Disillusion

” No one is immune. Lightning can strike anyone, anytime. And, most often, it falls on those who least expect it. ”
Helena, 39, confirms this quote, close to forty, she says reliving his youth time, although she wanted this event to happen before and often it is satisfied with this feeling that it could send his companion today, much older.
Love remains in its romantic beginnings, when it comes to giving of himself to get carried away with this immediate spell, although there have been disappointments before, as Julia tells us with his former partners: “I had so much failures than I thought I did not make for happiness, so many beautiful words, illusions that I believed to make thousands of fairy tales.”
Priscilla, 21, explains that her love for her boyfriend, was placed as a kind of object that one is afraid to lose: “My boyfriend is everything to me, through being very protective of this union, I sometimes fear if all I’m trying to build with him part in the flight, my love has turned into a universal unconscious perfection. ”
Between the agreement in itself and the belief that we carry, we can see that taking the state’s interior.