Love and its opposite, the story of Angie

Angie, 21, a student in BTS MUC, 1st year, tells us his crazy adventure for a professional project.
“When the students of the second year of BTS, came to share with us the study, internship process, each of the first years were directed to the person chosen in groups or alone, to ask questions , me it was him I had noticed at the beginning and it was with him that I wanted spoken. So, I go to him, he made me understand that it was the hubbub of the sudden, we went out and talked to the small wall. It was there just the two, well it’s true that we have not attacked the direct subject of the famous steps etc, but a much more interesting subject, one of our presentations, in all its physical and moral aspect, we forgot professional theme to tell you, it was really too funny.
I think I even hit him in the eye as it is by sharing our contact information such as telephone numbers and facebook. Us, we are given appointments thereafter, as today the cinema where he had me invité.I can tell he was different from high school days that this is a handsome boy, I would almost say attractive date là.It’s whereas during the session where we laughed and ate the popcorn salted butter that the magic of cinema began turned for me my film, the famous and long kiss, dream! But taking great advantage of this moment of love at first sight, might appear a message on his phone and now everything was broken, this “I love you, baby evening”, he believed that I had not seen in the speed of action, but I understood that he had used me and that I was wrong about him and that feeling that did was ephemeral. “