Love at first sight by remote ,is this possible?

“Although I believe in love, I believe that love at first sight, is an interesting topic, because I know that everyone can -be love differently by different means of communication and the question asked whether it is remotely possible, I want to believe it, so science of wealth in this world, so why not “tell myself Clemence.

Distance love, hang unfinished or engraved lightning?

“Distance is a relationship that is testing an opposition between the virtual, the consciousness of self .The thunderbolt may be a reality for some, only by reason, but by the heart. Pure passion, courage and desire leads us to say that by some, its still an unfinished feeling passage that was an emotion which the subject remains on the reflection.

“When we saw for the first time through the webcam knowledge was an emotional reality, a determination to stay in touch but in time, his was not specific in the experience of the love. ”

While others: “This has been a passion and not a natural habit, it was a desire but also the conservation of this. ”

Also referred to as a lightning strike selfless feeling and love of others. This is a provision which does not leave indifferent.