The crazy adventures of Audrey

“I do not know why, I have always been fascinated by the stories of love, romantic movies etc, all which make dream girls. Yet I have 28 years but I still believe in fairy tales, people will think I’m crazy or another but what can I say I am a dreamer and always would be, and I think that’s how!

I have known a lot of boys in high school, the output from these, there … flirtations stories of loves most to least serious, dice times when I think, I laugh, I tell myself I could even write a book so much that they were passages of my life that were not superfluous. I recognize the true feelings and words in the air, according to my experience, I concluded that I had never had a stroke of lightning, although I was in love, but no, these people were different from other, similar relations, and key in the story that my heart has not ever felt this little balm or other feeling that would qualify her when we often speak of the “effect” here.

No, my heart beats, like, but not with its little wings as seen on emoticons, although I could never know her, I still would continue with these memories and this mad desire to always move forward with that smile, that fishing I keep in me, with encounters I can do. “