The disability does not stop lightning

“Our eyes met at a birthday party of a mutual friend, and it was love at first sight. Yet he was handicaped.Tellement people might think or imagine anything on disability, but he, I know and I felt that there was something unique and beautiful. And nobody will ever change that feeling in me because it is my love story between us. And it is my right to love and too. “Confides Fabienne, 37, a childminder.

“Being with a disabled person, it is a commitment that is not like the others, for my part Brice, my husband of 9 years, wheelchair bound, was a love story to light by a stroke lightning, but a redevelopment of history, although it always was there at daily spot monitoring of her husband, that did not stop that love reigns every day. ”

Loving someone with a disability can not stop the spark as a link that takes place in everyone’s heart, engage in this type of relationship is not trivial.

When the thunderbolt falls on us, no matter the situation of the person, it remains above all a being who has feelings and above all a heart like everyone else.