The love of lightning with Severine

“It is said that love is an emotion of the soul caused by the movement of minds. “This is the interview with Severine, a young woman of 23 who explains all his.

Nice to you meet Severine, to begin could you briefly summarized your love life.

“Already thank you for contact for this interview, already the fact that the theme of love at first sight is very interesting, I did not hesitate to answer the call, for that I’ll tell you my love life.

To start at the base, I was a fairly reserved and heart stories began like most teenage girls in majority. In high school, then to graduate school, I had experienced a few “boyfriends”. Never a great relationship but that is all those little details that facts I have been a couple. ”

Well, earlier today we speak of true love, would you be conquered?

“Personally, I say yes and confirms that true love really exists. ”

And do you believe that love at first sight was something to do there?

(All with a smile and twinkling eyes), “Having never known her before, I would say honestly that yes the thunderbolt was the main key to my story. ”

This brings us to a very interesting topic as said at the beginning, then tell me Severine, the thunderbolt has been waiting for you, we want to know what have been the trigger elements of this phenomenon.

“Firstly, it is a unique feeling to which I think the heart to have something, as we say so:” The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing. “I felt the first moment when our eyes met, he was in front of me at a party in night clubs, I continued to dance while remaining secure in his eyes after a few steps towards me, he began to move with me to steal this highly anticipated kiss. I realized at one point that I was his sights, he saw only me. And that’s after enjoying moments of laughter, glued tight, intense glances all evening I told myself that I was thunderstruck. ”

What a great lightning history, its been a balm to the heart and a desire to know sa.And then, have you been with him afterwards?

“Frankly how not to continue a story like mine, of course, and to tell you right now, we are a couple and we, we like a lot. ”

Incredible story as we come to the end of our interview, what advice can you give to readers.

“In short, faith and patience never give up and that is without waiting for all the happiness suddenly happen and we will dream more, up to this reality. “