The paradox of the thunderbolt

When we say that two people fell in love, it is called thunderbolt or some other feelings for others.

In this situation, we can know by reason of the difficulties that binds to love, the emotion of the soul or friendship, the union of two people linked by an equal love and respect.

Cloe, mother of two and PACS for 6 years, says she never knows realized what was was love at first sight although she loves her partner, she could not feel this effect Unlike her friends who they may have seen a change in their emotions etc … This young mother of 26, think it’s due to her relationship began with a friendship, she explains: “Bertrand and I , have met by chance, we had a drink, we do have knowledge, then this good chat welded us on a very solid friendship was over time, I would not think that one day we will have been be together, I considered him a brother, a best friend, what I felt was really friendly. ”

Everyone has his theory of thought, as in the case of Cloe, who thinks the declic could not do and yet she experiences today of love. How she explains it: “Although we were on a friendship basis, the feeling of love was there but not that different than the stars we see in the eyes or a heart pounding, but a sentiment that is summed to achieve the good of another, to be kind, to avoid their suffering. After time, where pure emotional passion and friendly advanced as it should be, that’s where my feelings were played me, that is this awareness that I must have with a person who s ‘after me, was present every day in my life, I had to challenge myself and leave her open my heart, that’s when I discovered the simple and beautiful love, that of my love in me simply. “