The thunderbolt ,to friendship for Yvana and love for Tom

Yvanna, how long do you know Tom?

“I know for some time, it was known to a funfair, as he holds a riding school with his father, he had his place for the third time, but for me it was the first time I see, other years his father worked alone. ”

Tom And you, how was the first time you saw Yvanna?

“To be honest, beautiful, beautiful face, very kind and sociable.Le kind of girl who interests me. ”

Yvanna, when you saw Tom what you saw in him now?

“I saw his smile and the way he so kindly advise on the aspect of fear of a ride to people. But what caught my intention was to imagine the feeling inside, so not really him. ”

So it was not plugged in you more than her, it was the ride and nothing else?

“Of course, as I told myself I had to relax a little after the horrible hours revising for exams, I did not have in mind to charm or else in the party. ”

Tom, did you try an approach with Yvanna later after fairground ride she made?

“Yes, I will not hide it, when I saw him approach the counter, I bet map gentleman, I have given two tickets for me because she had typed in eye and thank me after and ending these tours we exchanged phone numbers. ”

What has happened afterwards?

“Later, we, we are contacted, reviewed after its examens.Avec time, we have come to know us, I realized that I felt love but did not feel that friendship to me . “