The work made me found love

“I do not know why, love is said usually end badly, for my part I will not confirm this, for the simple reason that I, William 39, real estate agent and gay, met the handsome love at work.

Having always known story flirtation, my life was that simple and banal, never anything serious until it meets Gilles, 41, came one day buy an apartment in my office. It was a day, rainy that day, I had three appointments, that of Gilles was the best for last to complete that day.

He arrived with the same smile, the rain that was falling apart plus a few minutes early, I got up and greeted him, we landed in the presentation which also had a good feeling, and after a moment he had explained his project of why he wanted to buy etc..Yes, Gilles was someone who was like me over the trade discussion turned into an acquaintance, a discovery of each, as better to meet a person who arrives in his office that had as its purpose and began to get acquainted.

After long discussion, we started to exchange our personal number so that we defer the next step go to my office but to the restaurant, this is where our story began, and most, he had his apartment, I come often squatting in his company. Who would have thought such a beautiful project to the love story. “