After the divorce, the joy of living …

We have the story of Cassandra, a woman who has just turned 40 years, made after a divorce with her ex-husband, she tells us about her love life with this separation.
After 20 years of life spent with Aubin, we became very good friends today like old time.We we parted on good terms and we always kept this friendship, love, without thinking to recover together .

In our heads were fixed and it is much better as his. He has remade his life with a woman younger than me and on my side I’m single but did not bother me more than her, because now I have more marital duty to respect that I was a woman faithful all these years. I feel revived, it’s a new life begins for me, I think I have all my time there a few days ago it was my birthday, I could enjoy with my friends in disco. youth has taken over and I felt so good, I forgot all my time of divorce, the woman I was..but as a young woman who started for the first time on a wild adventure. ..
Life is full of mysteries, his I do not doubt, after Aubin, I’m meeting women who were like me after the divorce, I needed this exchange to center to me that I could do the ideas out to new knowledge, I was able to discover the world behind a relationship that was over, some taken with taste in all areas, they were happier, rejuvenating sensation had its effect after breaking free of this influence of married woman.
If today my ex husband has handed in a relationship is that, he prefers the stable life, always given her love, I understand that I’m not cut out for her, not respect and love at first sight, it is more than her, I need to be released and granted life to the pink water, all somplement live day to day without thinking next day.