I was attracted to my boss! What a story…

Carina is 22 years old and she was an executive assistant. She had a thunderbolt for her boss. She told us that being with John has changed her life. She told us her exciting love story.

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Carina, tell us more about your thunderbolt for your boss…

I did not expect to be attracted to John, my boss. I never met him before but everybody has already told me that he was an arrogant and a rude man. He is 10 years older than me…I get this thunderbolt on January 2014. To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe in thunderbolt until I fall in love with John…It happened one Friday. We had a professional dinner and I sat in front of him. Our eyes met, once, twice… When I realized that he is watching me, I turned red instinctively. And at the same time, my heart was beating so fast…After the dinner, he offered to drive us home with his car. We were three: the commercial, the accountant and of course, me. I was sitting next to him and the two men were sitting behind us. He decided to drive my two colleagues first. I didn’t know what he had in his mind at this moment, but I was just so happy to be alone with him.

What happened at that time ? Do you think it was part of his plan?

I don’t know, but it’s true that I found it a little bit strange : I was the only woman in the group, and he had to drive me first. But he didn’t do that, he preferred to drive my two colleagues before me. Before driving me home, he stopped the car and looked at me. He invited me for a drink. I was surprised and I couldn’t tell anything…But I accepted, of course! I was just too excited to be with him…We went to a bar restaurant.

Tell us how this unexpected rendez-vous was

We talked about many things. We talked about work, and he allowed me to call him by his name “John”. I realized at that time that he wanted to be familiar with me. Then, he asked me some questions about my private life, he asked me if I was single, engaged or married…I asked myself why he was so interested in my personal life? I told him that I was single and he looked at me and said: “I like you so much, you are so beautiful!”. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was embarrassed; I didn’t know what to answer….

And what was your answer?

I kept my silence during 5 minutes. I was saying in my mind: If I say yes, how would all my colleagues say? If I refuse, I would never meet a handsome, charming, kind and intelligent man like him again. I didn’t want to miss such opportunity, so I accepted. Our first evening together was romantic. I will never forget it. He drove me home and kissed me for the first time, next to my door.

Did you sleep well that night?

I couldn’t believe what happened to me, it seems like I was dreaming. I couldn’t sleep that night because I always think of him as he called me every 5 minutes. He also sent me SMS saying he loved me. He invited me the next day. As I was always free on Saturday, I accepted his invitation.

Where did you go? How was your second rendez-vous? Tell us more…

We went to a zoo. It was amazing and fun. We laughed a lot and talked about our mutual thunderbolt. He told me he was attracted to me since the first time he saw me. As for the moment, we decided to hide our relationship to our colleagues.

Did you get any troubles with the situation ?

Of course not. But things did not turn out as intended. Everyone had noticed our gestures and knew we were together. And he also entered into my office almost every 30 minutes to give me a kiss. We were always together: we had lunch together, we went home together, we were always at the same team…

As you are the Company’s Director’s girlfriend, didn’t you want an interesting position?

I wanted to get a promotion, but I was afraid of his reaction. I thought he would judge me.  I did not want to destroy our relationship so I told nothing about my wish. I was surprised that he offered me a more interesting job. He told me that one of his friend, who is also a Company owner is looking for an accountant. The offer interested me but I didn’t accept immediately because I wanted to continue to work with him.

And what was your decision? Did you say “yes”?

I asked him why he wanted me to work elsewhere. Did, the idea of working together bothers him or are there any other reasons? He told me his friend is looking for a competent accounted he could trust in. He said he was thinking about me because he knew that I had many experiences for this job and that he trusted in me as well. I hesitated because I didn’t want to work with a person that had already broken my heart: the friend he told me I had to work for was my ex boyfriend.

That is so sad…And what did John say when he knew his friend was your ex boyfriend?

I decided to tell him the whole truth. He was very surprise but he said that he loved me and that he trusted in me. He was not against the idea that I had to work with my ex boyfriend. He told me that this job was a great career opportunity for me but I had to take my own decision. That touched me so much! After a long thought, I decided to accept the job.

Do you still work in your ex boyfriend’s Company?

No. I worked there for three months. I decided to resign because my ex boyfriend didn’t change anymore. He didn’t stop harassing me and convincing me to return with him. I didn’t want to because I didn’t love him anymore and he is a married man now. I loved John and I didn’t want to lose his confidence. I told him everything his best friend wanted to do with me. John was shocked, so he decided to end his friendship with him. He also told me that I made the right decision. He promised to find another job for me.

Why didn’t he hire you again in his Company?

He didn’t reengage me because someone has already took my position. And he said that he will help me to find another job that good fits to my profile. Since we has been together, I noticed that John didn’t want me to work for him anymore. I realize that he is quite right. It is difficult for a couple to manage private and professional life when the two lovers work together…