After the divorce, the joy of living …

We have the story of Cassandra, a woman who has just turned 40 years, made after a divorce with her ex-husband, she tells us about her love life with this separation.
After 20 years of life spent with Aubin, we became very good friends today like old time.We we parted on good terms and we always kept this friendship, love, without thinking to recover together .

In our heads were fixed and it is much better as his. He has remade his life with a woman younger than me and on my side I’m single but did not bother me more than her, because now I have more marital duty to respect that I was a woman faithful all these years. I feel revived, it’s a new life begins for me, I think I have all my time there a few days ago it was my birthday, I could enjoy with my friends in disco. youth has taken over and I felt so good, I forgot all my time of divorce, the woman I was..but as a young woman who started for the first time on a wild adventure. ..
Life is full of mysteries, his I do not doubt, after Aubin, I’m meeting women who were like me after the divorce, I needed this exchange to center to me that I could do the ideas out to new knowledge, I was able to discover the world behind a relationship that was over, some taken with taste in all areas, they were happier, rejuvenating sensation had its effect after breaking free of this influence of married woman.
If today my ex husband has handed in a relationship is that, he prefers the stable life, always given her love, I understand that I’m not cut out for her, not respect and love at first sight, it is more than her, I need to be released and granted life to the pink water, all somplement live day to day without thinking next day.


Elise, Elisa, love and love

Twin sisters 30 years, we tell their stories of love.

Elise, Elisa, tell us each of your lives .And your sentimental relationships between sisters.

Elise: “My love life is the top, albeit with my partner with my family and especially the person I share his sister Elisa, my best friend, my all.I can give good of the big love with my husband and with her. ”

Elisa: “I share the same feeling of my sister, I am also in a relationship with John, everything is going well so far, 14 years of happiness, even if most of the time, Elise and find me, we who can not do without one of other.What to ask for more when we have someone you love, who loves us still being understandable. ”

Tell us, have you ever experienced love at first sight each?

Elise: “Yes love at first sight I knew not just once but twice, to high school with my first love and my husband Benoît for 13 years. ”

Elisa: “For me, the thunderbolt, was in first place with John, I’ve had boyfriends, but with it all was thunderstruck in the path of my past romances! ”

What can you say to people who do not believe in love at first sight?

Elise: “What I can say, believe in the love simply open your hearts. “Because once we have taken this step, this is where everything is wonderful. ”

Elisa: “I say that love is love at first sight, although we can know relations etc, the true final elected to our heart may be connected to his. “

The crazy adventures of Audrey

“I do not know why, I have always been fascinated by the stories of love, romantic movies etc, all which make dream girls. Yet I have 28 years but I still believe in fairy tales, people will think I’m crazy or another but what can I say I am a dreamer and always would be, and I think that’s how!

I have known a lot of boys in high school, the output from these, there … flirtations stories of loves most to least serious, dice times when I think, I laugh, I tell myself I could even write a book so much that they were passages of my life that were not superfluous. I recognize the true feelings and words in the air, according to my experience, I concluded that I had never had a stroke of lightning, although I was in love, but no, these people were different from other, similar relations, and key in the story that my heart has not ever felt this little balm or other feeling that would qualify her when we often speak of the “effect” here.

No, my heart beats, like, but not with its little wings as seen on emoticons, although I could never know her, I still would continue with these memories and this mad desire to always move forward with that smile, that fishing I keep in me, with encounters I can do. “

The disability does not stop lightning

“Our eyes met at a birthday party of a mutual friend, and it was love at first sight. Yet he was handicaped.Tellement people might think or imagine anything on disability, but he, I know and I felt that there was something unique and beautiful. And nobody will ever change that feeling in me because it is my love story between us. And it is my right to love and too. “Confides Fabienne, 37, a childminder.

“Being with a disabled person, it is a commitment that is not like the others, for my part Brice, my husband of 9 years, wheelchair bound, was a love story to light by a stroke lightning, but a redevelopment of history, although it always was there at daily spot monitoring of her husband, that did not stop that love reigns every day. ”

Loving someone with a disability can not stop the spark as a link that takes place in everyone’s heart, engage in this type of relationship is not trivial.

When the thunderbolt falls on us, no matter the situation of the person, it remains above all a being who has feelings and above all a heart like everyone else.

The work made me found love

“I do not know why, love is said usually end badly, for my part I will not confirm this, for the simple reason that I, William 39, real estate agent and gay, met the handsome love at work.

Having always known story flirtation, my life was that simple and banal, never anything serious until it meets Gilles, 41, came one day buy an apartment in my office. It was a day, rainy that day, I had three appointments, that of Gilles was the best for last to complete that day.

He arrived with the same smile, the rain that was falling apart plus a few minutes early, I got up and greeted him, we landed in the presentation which also had a good feeling, and after a moment he had explained his project of why he wanted to buy etc..Yes, Gilles was someone who was like me over the trade discussion turned into an acquaintance, a discovery of each, as better to meet a person who arrives in his office that had as its purpose and began to get acquainted.

After long discussion, we started to exchange our personal number so that we defer the next step go to my office but to the restaurant, this is where our story began, and most, he had his apartment, I come often squatting in his company. Who would have thought such a beautiful project to the love story. “

Friendship sacred

Lea, 25, tells us her friendship love story.

The day started, I was about to leave for a holiday in soleil.Ce morning, I remember I had this feeling of happiness, the joy in my heart, I was not sure why, moreover, can -be it was the excitement of knowing that the beach, rest … waiting for me.

I passed this little detail, I was eager to leave the house with my business and found my best friend Sam, a boy who was always there for me for almost 8 years. Indeed, this is a very exceptional for me, simply because I fell in love with him over time, but he did not know until then what would produire.Arriver airport I wait outside, I look Sam, after a few seconds a message to me saying, “I would be late by five minutes, but I can worry. “Followed by a small smiley smiling.

After the wait, another message from him: “Turn around. “I turn around and there seeing this big bear wearing a t-shirt hawai heart and a hand coming up to me, and Sam smiling at me from a distance, at that time, I did have what to think, my heart started pounding, I watched all started with that smile that I always felt towards him, the secret love that was in me, face to face it myself says everything nicely and a little gen “Leah, this is a gift to mark our first vacation on the horizon …” Indeed, it was the first time we’ve known that we decided to go far in addition all two, “I hope her please, I also wanted to tell you as it is a special day for us, as you know very well that this is our first and long journey together, you are someone very special and the fact to tell you what I have on the heart before our flight, is important to me as I waited for this moment to make you my statement, I always te loved Leah, will you be my girlfriend? ”

At that moment, everything became wonderful, everything I always waited for had finally arrived, my Sam, the one I loved and that I learn that it was mutual, what a feeling of happiness, “Sat” a simple answer, but it meant everything.

It was gone for a great vacation and I thought that the Thunderbolt in beautiful and well attended ever since.

Illusion, Disillusion

” No one is immune. Lightning can strike anyone, anytime. And, most often, it falls on those who least expect it. ”
Helena, 39, confirms this quote, close to forty, she says reliving his youth time, although she wanted this event to happen before and often it is satisfied with this feeling that it could send his companion today, much older.
Love remains in its romantic beginnings, when it comes to giving of himself to get carried away with this immediate spell, although there have been disappointments before, as Julia tells us with his former partners: “I had so much failures than I thought I did not make for happiness, so many beautiful words, illusions that I believed to make thousands of fairy tales.”
Priscilla, 21, explains that her love for her boyfriend, was placed as a kind of object that one is afraid to lose: “My boyfriend is everything to me, through being very protective of this union, I sometimes fear if all I’m trying to build with him part in the flight, my love has turned into a universal unconscious perfection. ”
Between the agreement in itself and the belief that we carry, we can see that taking the state’s interior.