I was attracted to my boss! What a story…

Carina is 22 years old and she was an executive assistant. She had a thunderbolt for her boss. She told us that being with John has changed her life. She told us her exciting love story.

Flirt am Arbeitsplatz: Kollegen beim Dating

Carina, tell us more about your thunderbolt for your boss…

I did not expect to be attracted to John, my boss. I never met him before but everybody has already told me that he was an arrogant and a rude man. He is 10 years older than me…I get this thunderbolt on January 2014. To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe in thunderbolt until I fall in love with John…It happened one Friday. We had a professional dinner and I sat in front of him. Our eyes met, once, twice… When I realized that he is watching me, I turned red instinctively. And at the same time, my heart was beating so fast…After the dinner, he offered to drive us home with his car. We were three: the commercial, the accountant and of course, me. I was sitting next to him and the two men were sitting behind us. He decided to drive my two colleagues first. I didn’t know what he had in his mind at this moment, but I was just so happy to be alone with him.

What happened at that time ? Do you think it was part of his plan?

I don’t know, but it’s true that I found it a little bit strange : I was the only woman in the group, and he had to drive me first. But he didn’t do that, he preferred to drive my two colleagues before me. Before driving me home, he stopped the car and looked at me. He invited me for a drink. I was surprised and I couldn’t tell anything…But I accepted, of course! I was just too excited to be with him…We went to a bar restaurant.

Tell us how this unexpected rendez-vous was

We talked about many things. We talked about work, and he allowed me to call him by his name “John”. I realized at that time that he wanted to be familiar with me. Then, he asked me some questions about my private life, he asked me if I was single, engaged or married…I asked myself why he was so interested in my personal life? I told him that I was single and he looked at me and said: “I like you so much, you are so beautiful!”. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was embarrassed; I didn’t know what to answer….

And what was your answer?

I kept my silence during 5 minutes. I was saying in my mind: If I say yes, how would all my colleagues say? If I refuse, I would never meet a handsome, charming, kind and intelligent man like him again. I didn’t want to miss such opportunity, so I accepted. Our first evening together was romantic. I will never forget it. He drove me home and kissed me for the first time, next to my door.

Did you sleep well that night?

I couldn’t believe what happened to me, it seems like I was dreaming. I couldn’t sleep that night because I always think of him as he called me every 5 minutes. He also sent me SMS saying he loved me. He invited me the next day. As I was always free on Saturday, I accepted his invitation.

Where did you go? How was your second rendez-vous? Tell us more…

We went to a zoo. It was amazing and fun. We laughed a lot and talked about our mutual thunderbolt. He told me he was attracted to me since the first time he saw me. As for the moment, we decided to hide our relationship to our colleagues.

Did you get any troubles with the situation ?

Of course not. But things did not turn out as intended. Everyone had noticed our gestures and knew we were together. And he also entered into my office almost every 30 minutes to give me a kiss. We were always together: we had lunch together, we went home together, we were always at the same team…

As you are the Company’s Director’s girlfriend, didn’t you want an interesting position?

I wanted to get a promotion, but I was afraid of his reaction. I thought he would judge me.  I did not want to destroy our relationship so I told nothing about my wish. I was surprised that he offered me a more interesting job. He told me that one of his friend, who is also a Company owner is looking for an accountant. The offer interested me but I didn’t accept immediately because I wanted to continue to work with him.

And what was your decision? Did you say “yes”?

I asked him why he wanted me to work elsewhere. Did, the idea of working together bothers him or are there any other reasons? He told me his friend is looking for a competent accounted he could trust in. He said he was thinking about me because he knew that I had many experiences for this job and that he trusted in me as well. I hesitated because I didn’t want to work with a person that had already broken my heart: the friend he told me I had to work for was my ex boyfriend.

That is so sad…And what did John say when he knew his friend was your ex boyfriend?

I decided to tell him the whole truth. He was very surprise but he said that he loved me and that he trusted in me. He was not against the idea that I had to work with my ex boyfriend. He told me that this job was a great career opportunity for me but I had to take my own decision. That touched me so much! After a long thought, I decided to accept the job.

Do you still work in your ex boyfriend’s Company?

No. I worked there for three months. I decided to resign because my ex boyfriend didn’t change anymore. He didn’t stop harassing me and convincing me to return with him. I didn’t want to because I didn’t love him anymore and he is a married man now. I loved John and I didn’t want to lose his confidence. I told him everything his best friend wanted to do with me. John was shocked, so he decided to end his friendship with him. He also told me that I made the right decision. He promised to find another job for me.

Why didn’t he hire you again in his Company?

He didn’t reengage me because someone has already took my position. And he said that he will help me to find another job that good fits to my profile. Since we has been together, I noticed that John didn’t want me to work for him anymore. I realize that he is quite right. It is difficult for a couple to manage private and professional life when the two lovers work together…

We can’t avoid thunderbold…

Myriam, 22 years old, didn’t believe in thunderbold before she felt in love at first sight with her brother’s best friend.  She didn’t believe in physical attraction. She told us this “thunderbold” has changed her life… Let’s hear her love story with Carl.

herloste love blog 28 02 2016

Good morning, Myriam, can you talk about this thunderbold that you said, has changed your life ?

Good morning. Well, my heart was beating so fast the first time I met Carl, my brother’s best friend. He was so handsome, with his blue jacket. I was amazed and surprised that I had a physical attraction to him…I really didn’t know if he had the same feeling as mine but one thing was sure: I was attracted to him. My brother and him have known each other since their boyhood. Most of the time, my brother James brought him at home, but as I studied at the university, I was never at home and I have never seen him before. One day, I questionned my brother about Carl’ experiences in love. I asked him if he has a girlfriend or not and I finally told him I get a thunderbolt for Carl…He was very surprised and kept his silence for a moment…He even asked me if I was Joking. I answered that I really have a thunderbold the first time I met his best friend, Carl. But unfortunately, I have kept this secret in my heart for one year…

And what happened later ?

My brother didn’t know what to do. He didn’t invite Carl at home for a long time and he was surprised. Carl wanted to know what happened, if he was angry with him…He decided to tell my secret to his friend. They have talked too much about what I said. At this time, my brother became my best confident. When we had a conversation, he told me that Carl didn’t really show his feeling and was a little bit surprised.  But he asked my brother to give me his telephone number so that I can talk to him and tell him what I feel for him. I was ashamed, so  I sent him a message to tell him that everything my brother told him was not true at all.

What did he answer ?

He didn’t answer to me immediately. So I was very disappointed and I thought it was better to let him down. Later in the evening,  while I was having a bath, I had got a call. It was a great surprise to me to know that Carl was trying to join me. I couldn’t believe it!  He had really called me !

Tell us your conversation by telephone…

He apologized that he didn’t tell to my brother his feeling. He told me he was also attracted to me…He told me he was ashamed too because I am the sister of his best friend. I was very excited when I heard that. The following day, he invited me for a drink, to talk more and to share our feelings. I was dreaming of this day since 1 year!

How was your first rendez-vous ?

Exactly as I wish, exactly like in my dream! We have talked about why we didn’t want to show our feeling to each other, we laughed a lot and we were also very close to each other… I thought he was younger than me, I thought he has the same old as my broher. I was happy to know he was 22 years old, as me. He asked me to be his girlfriend.I said yes, of course! I will never forget this moment : the day, the month, the year and even the hour… It was may, 14th 2014 at 18.00: it was the moment when our love story has begun…

Your story is very interesting! What happened after you left that restaurant?

He drives me back home. We also had our first kiss, it was so exciting! I invited him at my home, but he didn’t want my brother to know that we were together. I knew at this moment that I was in love with him…I couldn’t look at his eyes…

How about your brother ?

Finally, he was aware of my relationship with Carl. Of course, he was surprised, but he respected my choice, that’s what I appreciate in him. He was not against our relationship. As Carl is his best friend, they are getting along together. He said he is very happy that Carl is my boyfriend because we three can know meet for every occasions. When I have a disagreement with Carl, my brother is so sad, he is embarrassing. He always helps us to solve our problems, he even give us some advices to make our relationship work. I am very proud of him!

How many years are you together now ?

We have been together since 2 years and 3 months now.

Did you fight very often with Carl? Tell us more about your bad moments in your relationship…

Of course, we had bad moments, like in every couple. He was already unfaithful to me. This hurt me so much. I couldn’t believe it at this time! Even if he apologized, I didn’t want to be with him anymore. We broke for a while during 2 months. I forgave him and now we’re still a couple. Our love has growing and we are now a happy couple.

How did you know he was unfaithful to you ?

One day, we went at a party. I have noticed that a girl had always looking at him. I was very jealous and I kissed him in front of everybody because as I had to leave the party, I wanted her to understand that Carl was my boyfriend. But my brother told me later that he was at a room with this girl and that they had kissed each other. My brother didn’t want to tell me the truth but he said that as I am his sister, he had a pity for me, even if Carl is his best friend. My world was crumbled down; I didn’t want to talk with Carl anymore. I didn’t eat, I didn’t sleep, I always cried…Carl always called me but I didn’t answer…

And what did you do?

My brother advised me to talk with him and to tell him what I had in my heart…That’s what I did…I told him that I knew he was unfaithful to me. I told him he broke my heart. I told him that the situation is very difficult for me because as he remained my brother’s best friend, I couldn’t prohibit him to go to our home. I asked him to choose between me and this girl. I read in his eyes that he still loved me. Forgiven him was not easy but I did it because I love him so much. He swore me he won’t be unfaithful to me anymore. He apologized and asked a second chance for our relationship. It was surprising because even if he broke my heart into pieces, I felt at this moment the feeling I had the very first time I met him. He asked me to marry me. I was still shocked and angry with him…I didn’t accept…I thought it was too early for me to be engaed with him, even if I loved him so much.

How did he react ?

He tried to convince me but I didn’t want to get married with him. He understood and he told me he is ready to wait to me…

Do you have a plan together ?

Well, we would like to work together, to create a project together because I study communications and he studies business management. We are complementary. When we work together, we never get some disagreements…We hope our professional project will be successful…

Tell us your best moments together ?

I would never forget our first valentine’s day. He invited me to a restaurant and he offers me a very nice necklace, with “I love you” engraved on it. I had this thunderbolt I felt when I first met him. He looked at my eyes and said to me: “Sweety, I love you so much and I can’t live without you, you are my life…”. This was the best time in my life, I couldn’t be as happier as at this moment because it was also our first time…

After the divorce, the joy of living …

We have the story of Cassandra, a woman who has just turned 40 years, made after a divorce with her ex-husband, she tells us about her love life with this separation.
After 20 years of life spent with Aubin, we became very good friends today like old time.We we parted on good terms and we always kept this friendship, love, without thinking to recover together .

In our heads were fixed and it is much better as his. He has remade his life with a woman younger than me and on my side I’m single but did not bother me more than her, because now I have more marital duty to respect that I was a woman faithful all these years. I feel revived, it’s a new life begins for me, I think I have all my time there a few days ago it was my birthday, I could enjoy with my friends in disco. youth has taken over and I felt so good, I forgot all my time of divorce, the woman I was..but as a young woman who started for the first time on a wild adventure. ..
Life is full of mysteries, his I do not doubt, after Aubin, I’m meeting women who were like me after the divorce, I needed this exchange to center to me that I could do the ideas out to new knowledge, I was able to discover the world behind a relationship that was over, some taken with taste in all areas, they were happier, rejuvenating sensation had its effect after breaking free of this influence of married woman.
If today my ex husband has handed in a relationship is that, he prefers the stable life, always given her love, I understand that I’m not cut out for her, not respect and love at first sight, it is more than her, I need to be released and granted life to the pink water, all somplement live day to day without thinking next day.


Amazing: I’m married but I get a thunderbolt

” My name is Chloe. I am 36 years old. I have two children: one boy and one girl”. Even though she is married, she told she get a  thunderbolt for a handsome man she met in a bus. She has told us her experience about that. A very interesting story, like some you used to see in a novel…

“I was used to take a bus to go to work. One day, I was attracted by this beautiful and charming man who has smiling at me. He asked me if the seat next to me was free. When he was sitting next to me, I didn’t feel at my ease. It seemed like my heart was about to explose and I couldn’t look at him anymore…The story didn’t end because since that day, I crossed him every Monday and Friday. We were waiting for the same bus…”.

She continued: “One day , he noticed that I was looking at him. He smiled and approached me, starting a discussion. I was very confused and I didn’t look at him anymore. He continued talking to me but I didn’t hear anything…I became very shy…I just answered “yes” or “no”, having no ideas about what he talked to me…When I stood up to leave the bus, he asked for my telephone number. I was surprised and I wondered what he wanted to do with my number. I hesitated because I am a married woman. He immediately understood and didn’t insist. By the way, he invited me for a coffee break, saying he wanted to talk with me. I didn’t know what I had in mind but I accepted…”.

“I enjoyed the moment we shared in this restaurant. It was very romantic, but I didn’t forget anymore I was already married”, she said. I tried to convince myself I couldn’t be with him, even if I wanted to have a relationship with this wonderful guy…I told him I was married but he insisted. I couldn’t do anything against my passion for him and I accepted to have a relationship with him. We dated in secret and that made our relationship much fun !

And then one day, she decided to stop everything. “I loved him but I was feeling guilty not to be trustworthy to my husband. And I didn’t want to break my family. My husband and my children are more important than my passion …”, she said. She added: “I felt great passion with him. He was always there for me, he was more than a boyfriend, he was someone on which I could rely on !”. This thunderbolt was part of the most confusing experience but also the best moments in her life, she told us.

They remained best friends even if they are no longer together. The most amazing thing is that she invited him to her home for a lunch and her family was welcoming him. Eric (here thunderbolt) and her husband became very good friends. Her children called him “uncle Eric”, thinking he is a colleague of their mother…

Elise, Elisa, love and love

Twin sisters 30 years, we tell their stories of love.

Elise, Elisa, tell us each of your lives .And your sentimental relationships between sisters.

Elise: “My love life is the top, albeit with my partner with my family and especially the person I share his sister Elisa, my best friend, my all.I can give good of the big love with my husband and with her. ”

Elisa: “I share the same feeling of my sister, I am also in a relationship with John, everything is going well so far, 14 years of happiness, even if most of the time, Elise and find me, we who can not do without one of other.What to ask for more when we have someone you love, who loves us still being understandable. ”

Tell us, have you ever experienced love at first sight each?

Elise: “Yes love at first sight I knew not just once but twice, to high school with my first love and my husband Benoît for 13 years. ”

Elisa: “For me, the thunderbolt, was in first place with John, I’ve had boyfriends, but with it all was thunderstruck in the path of my past romances! ”

What can you say to people who do not believe in love at first sight?

Elise: “What I can say, believe in the love simply open your hearts. “Because once we have taken this step, this is where everything is wonderful. ”

Elisa: “I say that love is love at first sight, although we can know relations etc, the true final elected to our heart may be connected to his. “

Unexpected love at first sight: I can’t keep my mind out of him…

Alexandra is a 23 year old student. She tells us that she felL in love at first sight with a handsome guy, which is a friend of her boyfriend : “About a month ago, me and my boyfriend Fred decided to go out, to have some fun. He invited one of his friends I’ve never meet before. He was handsome and charming. I had a flash in my heart. I immediately asked Fred who this guy was? He said : this is Lucas, my childhood friend … At this time, he didn’t suspect I fell in love with Lucas … “.

“When Fred went out to park the car, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas. We were discussing during 5 minutes…”. She added: “I definitely fell in love with him at first sight. As he turned red when I look at him, I had the impression he felt the same feeling as mine, and I was right: he asked for my telephone number!”.

Since that day, we were becoming very close to each other. He sends me sms everyday and he also calls me every night. We were planning a rendez-vous. We met in secret because I’m still with Fred. Lucas said he loves me and we are now together. To tell you the truth, I don’t know which one to choose: Fred is mature but Lucas makes me feel happy. Lucas makes my heart beat so fast when I think of him. “By the way, I’m feeling guilty not to be trustworthy with Fred”, she said sadly…She added: “I have to make my choice and to made up my mind. I don’t want to play with the two guys that love me…

Love at first sight and great love: is it possible?

Annabelle is a beautiful 40 year old woman. She has a good job and earns lots of money. Before meeting her sister soul, she was feeling alone. She wanted to find have a serious relationship. She doesn’t believe in destiny until she felt in love at first sight…She told us her experience:

« I was at a supermarket and I met a guy. When I saw him, my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t breathe normally. He was walking next to me. I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I was used to shop in this supermarket and we met there very often. One day, he looked at me and said “hello”. Then he asked for my telephone number and invited me for a dinner. I was disappointed! I couldn’t believe he was interested in me!”.

Time passes by and Annabelle and her handsome guy were in love and were getting married. She told us: “We are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary this month!”. And she added : “I am really happy that I have met Gerard, that’s why I share my story with you. He makes me smile, he is the guy I’ve ever dreamed of. I confirm that it is possible to have a serious relationship with a man you fell in love at first sight! I would like to say my love story with Gerard is unbelievable! I find true love with him.”

Annabelle wanted to make her choice but the destiny has decided at her place. Nothing is impossible in life: you can find great love with love at first sight!