Does love at first sight can lead to marriage ?

When Murielle and Christian met each other, they didn’t expect to that they will be getting married few years later. But life is sometimes surprising! Murielle tells us how the love story began and how did she feel:

“To celebrate my 28th birthday, I invited all my friends. Christian came to me and has given me a gift and then a kiss, to wish me a happy birthday. I immediately felt in love to him. It happened so quickly and I was a little bit scared. I was wondering if my feelings are natural(…). I asked my childhood friend Jeannie who this handsome guy was and she answered me with a smile on her face: “He is your gift”. I couldn’t sleep at night, I missed him because I was completely in love…The day after, I phoned Jeannie to ask her if she could invite Christian for a lunch because I wanted to see him again. I told her about my feeling for him. And what a nice surprise : she told me he is also in love with me ! I couldn’t believe it: Jeannie has already planned a romantic rendez-vous for the two of us…I was thrilled!”.

Since that day, we were one, we were a couple. After two years of happy and romantic relationship, he asks me to marry him on St Valentine ’s Day. It’s unbelievable but the person I felt love at first sight becomes the person with whom I spend my life forever. I wanna thank Jeannie.

He has completely stolen my heart…How can I meet this handsome man again?

Julie is my colleague. She is 30 and she is still single. She dreams about her sister soul, the man with whom she will spend the rest of her life forever… One day, while we were talked about our work, she changes the conversation and whispered in my ear: “I met my sister soul!”. I was surprised and I asked her: “Where and how did you met your sister soul?”. She smiles briefly and told me that the handsome man has completely stolen her heart…She said she dreamed of him every night and she can’t get his face out of her mind.

I asked her again, “do you know him? Are you already together?”. Her answer was: “No, but I would like to see him again. I come back very often to the restaurant where I saw him for the first time. I would like to meet him and to be able to talk with him for a long time, to express what I’m feeling”. I only said to her: if you two are destined to be together, you’ll meet him again and you’ll live a beautiful love story together.

Love at first touch is a magical moment. You can meet the person of your dreams everywhere, not necessarily at the first place you meet her for the first time. Sometimes, the chance plays a great role in it !

Love at first sight: a myth or a reality?

Love at first sight … This is the great attraction felt by a person at first sight, the flash of love that makes us loose the control of ourselves.

Leslie, a woman of 35 years old, is one of those women who have felt this feeling. She said that when she saw him, she has completely turns red and her heart has beaten very fast. She tells us her experience:

“My body began to shiver, I couldn’t move for more than 5 minutes and everything around me became dark. I couldn’t take my eyes out of his face “. These are the words she uses to describe her emotions. To the question: do you think he felt the same feeling as yours, she timidly responds, with nostalgia:

“I felt such a sensation and I didn’t care about his fellings for me. I wanted to be calm and to breathe normally, even though it seemed impossible at this moment (…). It’s true that I really wished he felt the same feelings as mine. I dreamed about being in his arms and kissing him tenderly…”

Leslie felt a sensation of well-being. She told us she has also a fear. A fear of what? She didn’t know how to describe it…

Love can surprise us. Love at first sight is not a myth, it exists, but it depends on circumstances.