The work made me found love

“I do not know why, love is said usually end badly, for my part I will not confirm this, for the simple reason that I, William 39, real estate agent and gay, met the handsome love at work.

Having always known story flirtation, my life was that simple and banal, never anything serious until it meets Gilles, 41, came one day buy an apartment in my office. It was a day, rainy that day, I had three appointments, that of Gilles was the best for last to complete that day.

He arrived with the same smile, the rain that was falling apart plus a few minutes early, I got up and greeted him, we landed in the presentation which also had a good feeling, and after a moment he had explained his project of why he wanted to buy etc..Yes, Gilles was someone who was like me over the trade discussion turned into an acquaintance, a discovery of each, as better to meet a person who arrives in his office that had as its purpose and began to get acquainted.

After long discussion, we started to exchange our personal number so that we defer the next step go to my office but to the restaurant, this is where our story began, and most, he had his apartment, I come often squatting in his company. Who would have thought such a beautiful project to the love story. “

Friendship sacred

Lea, 25, tells us her friendship love story.

The day started, I was about to leave for a holiday in soleil.Ce morning, I remember I had this feeling of happiness, the joy in my heart, I was not sure why, moreover, can -be it was the excitement of knowing that the beach, rest … waiting for me.

I passed this little detail, I was eager to leave the house with my business and found my best friend Sam, a boy who was always there for me for almost 8 years. Indeed, this is a very exceptional for me, simply because I fell in love with him over time, but he did not know until then what would produire.Arriver airport I wait outside, I look Sam, after a few seconds a message to me saying, “I would be late by five minutes, but I can worry. “Followed by a small smiley smiling.

After the wait, another message from him: “Turn around. “I turn around and there seeing this big bear wearing a t-shirt hawai heart and a hand coming up to me, and Sam smiling at me from a distance, at that time, I did have what to think, my heart started pounding, I watched all started with that smile that I always felt towards him, the secret love that was in me, face to face it myself says everything nicely and a little gen “Leah, this is a gift to mark our first vacation on the horizon …” Indeed, it was the first time we’ve known that we decided to go far in addition all two, “I hope her please, I also wanted to tell you as it is a special day for us, as you know very well that this is our first and long journey together, you are someone very special and the fact to tell you what I have on the heart before our flight, is important to me as I waited for this moment to make you my statement, I always te loved Leah, will you be my girlfriend? ”

At that moment, everything became wonderful, everything I always waited for had finally arrived, my Sam, the one I loved and that I learn that it was mutual, what a feeling of happiness, “Sat” a simple answer, but it meant everything.

It was gone for a great vacation and I thought that the Thunderbolt in beautiful and well attended ever since.

Illusion, Disillusion

” No one is immune. Lightning can strike anyone, anytime. And, most often, it falls on those who least expect it. ”
Helena, 39, confirms this quote, close to forty, she says reliving his youth time, although she wanted this event to happen before and often it is satisfied with this feeling that it could send his companion today, much older.
Love remains in its romantic beginnings, when it comes to giving of himself to get carried away with this immediate spell, although there have been disappointments before, as Julia tells us with his former partners: “I had so much failures than I thought I did not make for happiness, so many beautiful words, illusions that I believed to make thousands of fairy tales.”
Priscilla, 21, explains that her love for her boyfriend, was placed as a kind of object that one is afraid to lose: “My boyfriend is everything to me, through being very protective of this union, I sometimes fear if all I’m trying to build with him part in the flight, my love has turned into a universal unconscious perfection. ”
Between the agreement in itself and the belief that we carry, we can see that taking the state’s interior.

The paradox of the thunderbolt

When we say that two people fell in love, it is called thunderbolt or some other feelings for others.

In this situation, we can know by reason of the difficulties that binds to love, the emotion of the soul or friendship, the union of two people linked by an equal love and respect.

Cloe, mother of two and PACS for 6 years, says she never knows realized what was was love at first sight although she loves her partner, she could not feel this effect Unlike her friends who they may have seen a change in their emotions etc … This young mother of 26, think it’s due to her relationship began with a friendship, she explains: “Bertrand and I , have met by chance, we had a drink, we do have knowledge, then this good chat welded us on a very solid friendship was over time, I would not think that one day we will have been be together, I considered him a brother, a best friend, what I felt was really friendly. ”

Everyone has his theory of thought, as in the case of Cloe, who thinks the declic could not do and yet she experiences today of love. How she explains it: “Although we were on a friendship basis, the feeling of love was there but not that different than the stars we see in the eyes or a heart pounding, but a sentiment that is summed to achieve the good of another, to be kind, to avoid their suffering. After time, where pure emotional passion and friendly advanced as it should be, that’s where my feelings were played me, that is this awareness that I must have with a person who s ‘after me, was present every day in my life, I had to challenge myself and leave her open my heart, that’s when I discovered the simple and beautiful love, that of my love in me simply. “

The thunderbolt ,to friendship for Yvana and love for Tom

Yvanna, how long do you know Tom?

“I know for some time, it was known to a funfair, as he holds a riding school with his father, he had his place for the third time, but for me it was the first time I see, other years his father worked alone. ”

Tom And you, how was the first time you saw Yvanna?

“To be honest, beautiful, beautiful face, very kind and sociable.Le kind of girl who interests me. ”

Yvanna, when you saw Tom what you saw in him now?

“I saw his smile and the way he so kindly advise on the aspect of fear of a ride to people. But what caught my intention was to imagine the feeling inside, so not really him. ”

So it was not plugged in you more than her, it was the ride and nothing else?

“Of course, as I told myself I had to relax a little after the horrible hours revising for exams, I did not have in mind to charm or else in the party. ”

Tom, did you try an approach with Yvanna later after fairground ride she made?

“Yes, I will not hide it, when I saw him approach the counter, I bet map gentleman, I have given two tickets for me because she had typed in eye and thank me after and ending these tours we exchanged phone numbers. ”

What has happened afterwards?

“Later, we, we are contacted, reviewed after its examens.Avec time, we have come to know us, I realized that I felt love but did not feel that friendship to me . “

Love and its opposite, the story of Angie

Angie, 21, a student in BTS MUC, 1st year, tells us his crazy adventure for a professional project.
“When the students of the second year of BTS, came to share with us the study, internship process, each of the first years were directed to the person chosen in groups or alone, to ask questions , me it was him I had noticed at the beginning and it was with him that I wanted spoken. So, I go to him, he made me understand that it was the hubbub of the sudden, we went out and talked to the small wall. It was there just the two, well it’s true that we have not attacked the direct subject of the famous steps etc, but a much more interesting subject, one of our presentations, in all its physical and moral aspect, we forgot professional theme to tell you, it was really too funny.
I think I even hit him in the eye as it is by sharing our contact information such as telephone numbers and facebook. Us, we are given appointments thereafter, as today the cinema where he had me invité.I can tell he was different from high school days that this is a handsome boy, I would almost say attractive date là.It’s whereas during the session where we laughed and ate the popcorn salted butter that the magic of cinema began turned for me my film, the famous and long kiss, dream! But taking great advantage of this moment of love at first sight, might appear a message on his phone and now everything was broken, this “I love you, baby evening”, he believed that I had not seen in the speed of action, but I understood that he had used me and that I was wrong about him and that feeling that did was ephemeral. “

The love of lightning with Severine

“It is said that love is an emotion of the soul caused by the movement of minds. “This is the interview with Severine, a young woman of 23 who explains all his.

Nice to you meet Severine, to begin could you briefly summarized your love life.

“Already thank you for contact for this interview, already the fact that the theme of love at first sight is very interesting, I did not hesitate to answer the call, for that I’ll tell you my love life.

To start at the base, I was a fairly reserved and heart stories began like most teenage girls in majority. In high school, then to graduate school, I had experienced a few “boyfriends”. Never a great relationship but that is all those little details that facts I have been a couple. ”

Well, earlier today we speak of true love, would you be conquered?

“Personally, I say yes and confirms that true love really exists. ”

And do you believe that love at first sight was something to do there?

(All with a smile and twinkling eyes), “Having never known her before, I would say honestly that yes the thunderbolt was the main key to my story. ”

This brings us to a very interesting topic as said at the beginning, then tell me Severine, the thunderbolt has been waiting for you, we want to know what have been the trigger elements of this phenomenon.

“Firstly, it is a unique feeling to which I think the heart to have something, as we say so:” The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing. “I felt the first moment when our eyes met, he was in front of me at a party in night clubs, I continued to dance while remaining secure in his eyes after a few steps towards me, he began to move with me to steal this highly anticipated kiss. I realized at one point that I was his sights, he saw only me. And that’s after enjoying moments of laughter, glued tight, intense glances all evening I told myself that I was thunderstruck. ”

What a great lightning history, its been a balm to the heart and a desire to know sa.And then, have you been with him afterwards?

“Frankly how not to continue a story like mine, of course, and to tell you right now, we are a couple and we, we like a lot. ”

Incredible story as we come to the end of our interview, what advice can you give to readers.

“In short, faith and patience never give up and that is without waiting for all the happiness suddenly happen and we will dream more, up to this reality. “