Reliving to feel like thunderbolt

But where did it go this crazy desire that we have prevailed in this first look at the magical moments of the game in the relationship, it is possible to relive those moments a few ideas.

To break the daily, nothing like that again projets.It’s a great way to spend time together and to find her mood within the couple.

To go for alternative evening, the goal is to have fun and enjoy these moments with friends.

There are many possibilities to you to find the right compromise and will.

Remind him that you are a woman in itself and that even if the lightning turned out to be physical and moral beauty, always rekindle this flame.

Remember your first time, that spark that makes what you are today.It’s a good way to trace the path fact and remind you why you love.

We love and we see day turn but we often forget that nothing is gained, do not forget the sweet words.

Each has its own personality and choice, the relationship is to be achieved, no matter by what means it is a content liè a pure concept of reason.

Love at first sight by remote ,is this possible?

“Although I believe in love, I believe that love at first sight, is an interesting topic, because I know that everyone can -be love differently by different means of communication and the question asked whether it is remotely possible, I want to believe it, so science of wealth in this world, so why not “tell myself Clemence.

Distance love, hang unfinished or engraved lightning?

“Distance is a relationship that is testing an opposition between the virtual, the consciousness of self .The thunderbolt may be a reality for some, only by reason, but by the heart. Pure passion, courage and desire leads us to say that by some, its still an unfinished feeling passage that was an emotion which the subject remains on the reflection.

“When we saw for the first time through the webcam knowledge was an emotional reality, a determination to stay in touch but in time, his was not specific in the experience of the love. ”

While others: “This has been a passion and not a natural habit, it was a desire but also the conservation of this. ”

Also referred to as a lightning strike selfless feeling and love of others. This is a provision which does not leave indifferent.

I had a crush

This is the debate that we now ask in a small survey in the company of Nelly, 30, administrative secretary.

So Nelly, in a few words, describe your love life at the moment?

“So in a nutshell, I would say not bad, I advance slowly in my relationship enjoying every moment of these happy moments with my companion. ”

Tell me something, how was your first meeting.

“It was a Saturday, as a day when I’m not working, I hesitated to ask me to stay home watching TV watching a good movie on demand or why not go into town, make a small turn to take the air.I am finally decided to the city.To arrive there, I headed to my favorite store, this is where I like to splurge on clothes, I go, I some shopping and then go away, it’s at that moment that I’m about to pass the threshold of the door, a warm hand grabbed my wrist, I turn around and see it, in withering look, her pretty blue eyes … “(a small smile on his lips, his eyes fixed on the ground, we will resume with another question)

I feel that was was a magical moment for you if can I say, tell us later.

(After a mysterious little laugh, she resumes). “After this exchange in his eyes, he smiled and told me that I had forgotten my receipt, I smiled sheepishly, saying thank you and goodbye .But you know by leaving I had a kind of pinching in heart, it was very strange, it was at that moment when I got home that my instinct was merged by the simple reason that behind the ticket that I had not paid attention attracted me to him for the look is folded in four and there in the brochure I saw a tracking phone number “Eric”. ”

So you victim of lightning strike so I can afford?

“Yes, exactly, I was a victim of its gaze, his person, I knew it was well produced something at this point, the evidence, I followed my instinct for the city while I was hesitant, suddenly brought me back to his encounter and live this, ie the visual communication, written and real thereafter. “

The commitment of the thunderbolt

The dream of life is love, we must listen to his dream and even though the soul is in pain, we must believe it anyway.
Love at first sight is a precision which is perhaps superfluous but strictly true.
“It’s a feeling that nobody can forbid me to dream, and I can -be hope that one day this dream will become a reality”, says Anna 19, an art student, is carried away in his imagination wildest when it comes to love, every young believer in the spiritual power of curiosity, she would want to know that destiny there.
Emma, ​​38, talks about the lightning strike as a fact that is as real, an event that is made to a destiny, it adds that if the question is a starting point, it does not consider it as a culmination later .
Camille, 25, believes that this exchange of signs between individuals is simultaneously love and hostile. It is a phase of inattendue.Elle act imagines is like a decision within state. “I think in this story there is a specific purpose.”
Everyone still agree that there are proposals so clear and obvious oneself.Everyone thought.
This thunderbolt commitment is not hidden, it reveals it.

Instead of at your age thunderbolt

The purpose of human life is happiness, it is the activity conforms to the vertu.Et hooked throughout its where is there room?

Anais, a teenager of 18, talks about his love affair with his companion of 28 years: “I was only 16 when we’ve met, it’s true that I was not important to this but time was was the person who was able to give me that feeling of happiness, at that age, it is the discovery of the first flirtations etc. but I knew that the love of a man over age, I would have makes it grow faster, for one day I saw my good tale of love the big day.The thunderbolt was at the appointment earlier than expected. ”

Mayra young housewife of 26 years, says she believed in love at first sight for a while, but she knew it was short-lived when her former boyfriend has left him for another.

Jessica, 36, still waiting for the thunderbolt in his single life, touches her heart.She think it is never late and there is no age to feel this way she hear “indescribable”.

Erika, 23, who shares his relationship with a younger man for a year and a half, says she has not had this thunderbolt at the moment because she could not imagine that a day she would be in a relationship like her, suddenly it’s over time it has seen in several appointments that the spark took hold.

Questions / answers source of love and thunderbolts

After reading this short survey with Elodie, 25, a young law student, you will better understand the personality and free choice on the faculty by the thought of love and its trade.

Have you experienced several relationships in your love life?

“No, in my life, I have never known what really means a real serious relationship until now in his twenties, this fact that I have not known many boys, but not much that I met ,it’s gave me an idea about life in love. ”

How you call these short-term relationships, so can I say?

“I would describe the love affairs, flirtations, it was relationships passing.Same if I thought that on reaching almost to go beyond a year, his is never a relationship that can qualify serious for many small details. ”

You say that your relationships are classified as “love affairs”, but at least you have been in love?

“In love, for me it is a big word, indeed every relationship is different which is quite normal, everyone’s different but unique on this earth so that I can say maybe it was not history as fairy tales, his would have been too good to be true, but what is certain is that I was a whole person in my feelings anyway. ”

Do you believe in love at first sight?

So if I believe in love at first sight, yes for me will remain its something mysterious and indescribable, which itself will experience this feeling, I think this is a once in a lifetime or we can know her, although it may be another but never the same as the first that we have had.

To my first question, you answered me that you have never had a “real relationship until today”

(Smiles) Yes, as I told you before, I have only known passages relations, it was at the time of adolescence in high school, and the majority (18 years) Today I am 25 and for the first time I knew that serious relationship meant, as it did two and a half years that I share my life with the one I love.

What was the main key to the true relationship?

It is precisely the thunderbolt that changed the meaning of “real relationship”, I can say that I really love, that’s why I told you I believed in this.I can tell you that it’s something magical, proof this is where I am today.

Love and love at first sight, what can you recommend to our readers on this subject by the final conclusion?

Although I did not fully detailed and developed my words, what I can say is to believe that sooner or later we can find someone to share his life, whether sooner or later but even as they say ‘better late than never. ” Everyone has his destiny in the field of love and especially patience always paid.

Belief thunderbolt or not?

After several failures sentimental level, Marine 24 years, never gave up, because she said he was not made for the person opposite, that these people did not even merit the rights watch in the eye. When so much of himself is given to start a new life with each new relationship, you feel all excited by the hope of a romance that is now different than other previous ones.

“I’ve never had this thunderbolt, I do not know if we can talk to her now, because everything beautiful in the beginning and again afterwards. When you’re a couple, the main feeling one can give is love and you are supposed to receive in return.

I do not know what the future holds for me, being a believer, I commit myself to my fate, to God.Bien that patience pays the expensive price, I would still strong in this fight knowing I tell myself that everything the world has a right to happiness in life. Although this is not the right term that can described its thunderbolt, deep down I know that the immanent light will be waiting for you at one time or another. “