Unexpected love at first sight: I can’t keep my mind out of him…

Alexandra is a 23 year old student. She tells us that she felL in love at first sight with a handsome guy, which is a friend of her boyfriend : “About a month ago, me and my boyfriend Fred decided to go out, to have some fun. He invited one of his friends I’ve never meet before. He was handsome and charming. I had a flash in my heart. I immediately asked Fred who this guy was? He said : this is Lucas, my childhood friend … At this time, he didn’t suspect I fell in love with Lucas … “.

“When Fred went out to park the car, I had the opportunity to discuss with Lucas. We were discussing during 5 minutes…”. She added: “I definitely fell in love with him at first sight. As he turned red when I look at him, I had the impression he felt the same feeling as mine, and I was right: he asked for my telephone number!”.

Since that day, we were becoming very close to each other. He sends me sms everyday and he also calls me every night. We were planning a rendez-vous. We met in secret because I’m still with Fred. Lucas said he loves me and we are now together. To tell you the truth, I don’t know which one to choose: Fred is mature but Lucas makes me feel happy. Lucas makes my heart beat so fast when I think of him. “By the way, I’m feeling guilty not to be trustworthy with Fred”, she said sadly…She added: “I have to make my choice and to made up my mind. I don’t want to play with the two guys that love me…

Love at first sight has changed my life

Serena is 23 years old and she is working as an assistant in a travel agency. She felt in love with a handsome guy at first sight. We interviewed her and she accepted to tell us more about her love story with James, her “beautiful stranger”, as she said…

Serena, tell us: how was your life before you met James ? Did you have any experiences in love?

As I am very shy, I had only few love stories…I had a long term relationship with a guy called Eric. We were getting along together, we were living a romance, our love story was very passionate. Unfortunately, we broke after two years. Eric lied to me: he was already engaged with a girl who studied abroad. He was with me only because he didn’t want to be alone. How I knew it? One day I surprised him commenting on his girlfriend’s facebook status. He wrote: “I love you Anna, I miss you so much. Can’t wait to have you as my wife…”. I was so sad, I was petrified. My world was crumbling down. I couldn’t believe he lied to me. After that, I had two love stories that lasted 1 year : the one was a virtual love story and the other was with a guy who lives in other country…

Did you believe in love at first sight before falling in love with your “handsome stranger”?

To be honest, I did not believe at it at all. After my bad experience with Eric, I didn’t want to be with a man anymore. I wanted to be alone and I didn’t want to have any relationship with a guy. I was afraid to suffer again, I was afraid that a guy will lie to me again. I didn’t believe in love anymore, I didn’t believe I would meet a man. Love at first sight was for me unreal. I wondered how someone could fall in love with a stranger at first sight …

But you fell in love at first sight. Tell us more about your experience about that.

At this time, I lived alone in my apartment. One day I called a plumber because I had problems with water leaks in my bathroom. Two hours later, a beautiful man rings at my door. As soon as I saw him, my heart was beating very fast and I couldn’t move…He rings again and I opened the door. I turned red when he looked at me, and I trembled when he spoke to me. I liked the way he dressed, he didn’t look like a plumber. The expression on his face showed how kind he was. He said that my apartment was nice and that I am a nice person. I was so happy that he was interested in me. Each word he said touched me. I didn’t stop looking at him. When my eyes met his eyes, I turned away because I was afraid he noticed I was attracted to him. because I blushed a lot. When he left, I missed him, I missed his presence, his smell. I wanted him to stay much longer because I really liked talking to him. I wanted to see him again, to call him a again to fix a defective device…

And did you call him ?

Yes, not to tell him what I felt but to call him because a device was defective: I had to fix a water leak that broke my floor. When he rang at the doo, my heart was still beating as fast as the first day we meet. I decided to look at him without being in trouble and I first spoke to him. To tell you the truth, I wanted to be in his arms during this moment, I dreamt of kissing him (smile). As I didn’t know he felt the same feeling as mine, I decided to look at his eyes, to see how he reacted. I remarked that he turned red everytime I looked at him…Before he left, he held my hand and gave me a kiss…I was in heaven…

Why were you in heaven? Was it because you knew he felt the same feeling as yours ?

I was in heaven because he gave me a kiss, first and because he asked if the telephone number I used to call him was my personal number. I said yes and he asked me again: “Can I call you then? I would like to invite you for a romantic dinner together…” I was very surprised! For the first time and after many years, I felt happy again. But I didn’t want to live the same experience as I live with Eric. So I asked him directly if he is engaged or married. He answered no but I wanted to verify and the day after, he brought me to his house. I was happy: he is not engaged, nor married. He live alone, with his cat and his dog. A good news for me!

Tell us more about your rendez-vous with your “love at first sight”…

Our first meeting went well. We talked about everything, we talked about our life and we were getting to know each other. I was surprised : we had a lot of things in common. He likes cats and Chinese foods, so do I. I am romantic and I love walking along the beach and he told me he would like to have our first kiss at the beach. After our second meeting, he asked me to go out with him, to be his girlfriend. I didn’t hesitate, I said “YES” … From this moment, we live a wonderful love story. We get our habits: he used to call me everyday and he took me at work, we go out every Friday and he invites often me very often to the restaurant, for a romantic dinner. I am feeling so happy! I really think he is my sister soul.

Why do you say that he is your sister soul ?

Our relationship is just amazing ! It seems like he is reading in my mind. Sometimes, he says exactly what I have in mind. He also finishes the sentences I am saying. There is a synergy between us, we are very close each other…Meeting James has changed my life. He is the man with whom I will share my life forever. Our love is so strong: it gives me strength, it makes me happy…I always miss him when he is not right next to me. I always want him to hold me in his arms.;;

Do you think your love story with James is serious ? Do you have planned a life together ?

Yes, I have no doubt: our relationship is serious! And of course, we have a wedding project together: we decided to get married on June…We have also many plans for the future: we want to build a house, to start a business together, to have children …So many projects together. We really want to strengthen our love…

 To conclude, do you have a last message?

Yes, love at first sight really exists because that’s what I’m living now. I didn’t believe at it until I met James. It is quite possible to fall in love with a stranger at first sight.

I shared my experience with you to tell you that I’m so happy now. After many bad experiences in love, I finally find the right man. I tell you: love at first sight can lead to marriage. If you have lived likely the same story as mine, you can rest assured that you will meet a wonderful guy, even if you don’t believe in love anymore. Believe me: love at first sight can change a life!

Love at first sight and great love: is it possible?

Annabelle is a beautiful 40 year old woman. She has a good job and earns lots of money. Before meeting her sister soul, she was feeling alone. She wanted to find have a serious relationship. She doesn’t believe in destiny until she felt in love at first sight…She told us her experience:

« I was at a supermarket and I met a guy. When I saw him, my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t breathe normally. He was walking next to me. I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I was used to shop in this supermarket and we met there very often. One day, he looked at me and said “hello”. Then he asked for my telephone number and invited me for a dinner. I was disappointed! I couldn’t believe he was interested in me!”.

Time passes by and Annabelle and her handsome guy were in love and were getting married. She told us: “We are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary this month!”. And she added : “I am really happy that I have met Gerard, that’s why I share my story with you. He makes me smile, he is the guy I’ve ever dreamed of. I confirm that it is possible to have a serious relationship with a man you fell in love at first sight! I would like to say my love story with Gerard is unbelievable! I find true love with him.”

Annabelle wanted to make her choice but the destiny has decided at her place. Nothing is impossible in life: you can find great love with love at first sight!