Amazing: I’m married but I get a thunderbolt

” My name is Chloe. I am 36 years old. I have two children: one boy and one girl”. Even though she is married, she told she get a  thunderbolt for a handsome man she met in a bus. She has told us her experience about that. A very interesting story, like some you used to see in a novel…

“I was used to take a bus to go to work. One day, I was attracted by this beautiful and charming man who has smiling at me. He asked me if the seat next to me was free. When he was sitting next to me, I didn’t feel at my ease. It seemed like my heart was about to explose and I couldn’t look at him anymore…The story didn’t end because since that day, I crossed him every Monday and Friday. We were waiting for the same bus…”.

She continued: “One day , he noticed that I was looking at him. He smiled and approached me, starting a discussion. I was very confused and I didn’t look at him anymore. He continued talking to me but I didn’t hear anything…I became very shy…I just answered “yes” or “no”, having no ideas about what he talked to me…When I stood up to leave the bus, he asked for my telephone number. I was surprised and I wondered what he wanted to do with my number. I hesitated because I am a married woman. He immediately understood and didn’t insist. By the way, he invited me for a coffee break, saying he wanted to talk with me. I didn’t know what I had in mind but I accepted…”.

“I enjoyed the moment we shared in this restaurant. It was very romantic, but I didn’t forget anymore I was already married”, she said. I tried to convince myself I couldn’t be with him, even if I wanted to have a relationship with this wonderful guy…I told him I was married but he insisted. I couldn’t do anything against my passion for him and I accepted to have a relationship with him. We dated in secret and that made our relationship much fun !

And then one day, she decided to stop everything. “I loved him but I was feeling guilty not to be trustworthy to my husband. And I didn’t want to break my family. My husband and my children are more important than my passion …”, she said. She added: “I felt great passion with him. He was always there for me, he was more than a boyfriend, he was someone on which I could rely on !”. This thunderbolt was part of the most confusing experience but also the best moments in her life, she told us.

They remained best friends even if they are no longer together. The most amazing thing is that she invited him to her home for a lunch and her family was welcoming him. Eric (here thunderbolt) and her husband became very good friends. Her children called him “uncle Eric”, thinking he is a colleague of their mother…